Sugar cane molasses

Sugar cane molasses

Sugar cane molasses: nutritional values ​​and properties ofblack molasses. Sale (where to buy it) and production details.

They call herblack molassesor simplymolasses, it is a brown liquid that is separated from the sugar by centrifugation. Thereblack molassescan derive both from sugar cane (and we will therefore speak ofsugar cane molasses) or from sugar beet. Beet molasses is used to produce brewer's yeast or for the production of animal feed, but it is also used by the agri-food industry.

How sugar cane molasses is produced

For the production of molasses, the sugar cane is harvested and stripped of its leaves. Its juice is extracted mechanically (the sugar cane is crushed or cut). The extracted juice is boiled to eliminate the aqueous component, the residual concentrate iscrystallizes into sugar. The result of the "first boil" from onesugar cane syrupknown as "white molasses" and marketed ascane syrup or cane juice. From the process, a second molasses is extracted, with a browner color and obtained by further boiling the sugar, which is why the taste of black molasses is slightly bitter. Continuing the boiling will always extract darker and more sugar-free molasses which in the meantime crystallize and are removed.

White molasses

Not just black molasses, the black sugar cane molasses it can also be white. We speak of white molasses when the liquid is obtained from the first extraction (it has a more pleasant, sweeter taste), while black molasses is of a second extraction and is considered more aromatic due to its slightly bitter taste.

Why is black molasses considered healthier than white molasses? Because at this point of boiling, most of thesucrosenow it has crystallized and has been mechanically removed. That is why the calorie content of black molasses is lower, because it is related only to the remaining sucrose residues.

Black molasses

If you are looking for alternatives to sugar, molasses can be considered anatural sweetener. Compared to white sugar (sucrose) it provides 30 to 40% fewer calories. How many calories does black molasses have? I recommend that you always read the nutritional label of the product you have purchased, generalizing 100 grams ofsugar cane molassesthey provide about 235 kcal. Against the 380 kcal of the classic sugar.

  • Calories: 235 kcal per 100 g of product

There sugar cane molasses is exalted for its nutritional properties but, in reality, it cannot be considered even remotely as anatural supplement. The reason? The micronutrients, although significant compared to the classic white sugar, are very modest.

It provides moderate amounts of calcium, magnesium and iron, only traces of B vitamins and vitamin PP.

Is it a supplement?

Until a few years ago, molasses was offered as a natural supplement. Unfortunately, not all black molasses can be considered the same. The nutritional properties of sugar cane molasses depend on thequality of the starting sugar cane, the extraction method, the age of the plant and processing.Generally the black molasses obtained from the final boiling stage is called "blackstarp”And is the richest in micronutrients.

If you want to use thesugar cane molassesas a supplement, carefully read the product label. Generally the one sold as a supplement should be "third extraction molasses", called "blackstrap", therefore even more bitter but richer in micronutrients. Additionally, some types of black molasses are treated with sulfur dioxide as a preservative, so be sure to buy a product that is organically grown and free of preservatives.

Sugar cane molasses

Clarified that theblack molassesit cannot be considered a food supplement but only a sweetener, let's see how it is used and what it is for.

Black molasses is an ingredient used in the agri-food sector, in particular for:

  • Prepare the barbecue sauces
  • It is the main ingredient for the distillation of rum
  • In dark rye bread and other types of wholemeal bread
  • For making cookies and cakes
  • In the "panpreparato" (gingerbread, typical sweet bread of the Americas)
  • As an emulsifier in condiments
  • In the homemade vinegrette
  • As a humectant in the processing of dried meat
  • For the production of yeast
  • You can use it as a sweetener, to make desserts or to flavor meats

Theresugar cane molassesit is generally composed of 22% water and 75% carbohydrates. It does not contributeproteins or fats. The sugars present in molasses are sucrose (which represents 29% of total carbohydrates), glucose (12%) and fructose (13%).

Sale: where to buy it?

If you are wondering where to buy black sugar cane molasses, know that you can find it in the most well-stocked supermarkets or by taking advantage of the online sale.

Among the various products on the market I point out theblack molassesbiologicalcalled “Meridian organic Melasses”. I recommended this product to you because it is a molasses obtained from the final stage of boiling sugar cane. How much? On Amazon a 750 g jar can be bought for 13.99 euros with free shipping costs.

For all the info: Meridian organic Pure Blackstrap

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