Butterfly tattoo: symbolism and notions to know

Butterfly tattoo: symbolism and notions to know

In the collective imagination, thebutterflyis the symbol of natural beauty and offreedom. Thetattoo of a butterflyit can mean much more than that.

Traditionally thebutterflyhas been linked to femininity and, in nature, is the symbol ofmetamorphosis, of what changes, transforms and reinvents itself.

Butterfly tattoo: meaning, symbolism and science. From the butterfly effect to the species of butterflies to consider for a tattoo.

Butterfly tattoo

Thebutterfly tatooIt is very popular. The meaning of the butterfly symbol was mentioned in the introduction: transformation, metamorphosis, natural beauty, femininity and freedom. Then there are "symbolisms in symbolism". That is, some characteristic butterfly species emphasize a particular meaning.

Butterfly wings emerging from a chrysalis cocoon, for example, can emphasize the meaning of transformation and metamorphosis.

A green butterfly is considered a good omen (it is good luck), while a blue butterfly indicates self-awareness and reflective abilities. Thetattoo butterfly yellow represents happiness. In Scotland and Ireland, the yellow butterfly is a symbol ofserenity and it is also used to indicate that "souls rest in peace". In this perspective, therefore, the tattoo of a butterflyyellow, could be used as a tribute to a deceased loved one.

The butterfly on a rose is a symbol of love, the tattoo perfect for celebrating a romantic occasion.

Monarch butterfly tattoo

The monarch butterfly is famous for itsmigrations. The tattoo of this butterfly has a deeper meaning: it signals metamorphosis but also dynamism, movement, desire to travel, to discover ... In addition, the monarch butterfly issymbol of royalty, respect and nobility.

Skull with butterfly tattoo: meaning

The skull typically represents themortality, taken individually could mean how fleeting and ephemeral human existence can be, while alongside the butterfly its meaning changes. Thetattoo of a skull with a butterflyit is the symbol of a new life. As stated, the skull represents mortality while the butterfly symbolizes thenew life. Together, the skull and the butterfly are the symbol ofcircle of life and the links between life and death.

Japanese butterfly

This butterfly is one of a kind: it is the symbol of sentimental union and can commemorate anniversaries, weddings, unions and engagements.

Butterfly tatoo: meaning

In Celtic culture, the butterfly is a symbol of the human soul. The Celtic butterfly is used as a symbol of transformation, creation but also of the afterlife.

If we think of any insect, our imagination doesn't jump for joy! The only insect that is an exception is thebutterfly. It is no coincidence that it has become a very recurring symbol when it comes totatoo.

The butterfly as a symbol

The butterfly is a symbolic animal and has always been, since ancient times. Even those who are not fascinated by thesymbolismmight decide to get abutterfly tatoo, the reason? The butterfly effect.

In mathematics and physics, the term 'butterfly Effect'Is a term that embodies the more technical notion ofsensitive dependence on initial conditions, present in thechaos theory.

In summary, the theory is this:even small variations in initial conditions can produce large variations in the long-term behavior of an entire system.

Butterfly Effect

In 1972, Edward Norton Lorenz (American mathematician and meteorologist) gave a lecture entitled “Could the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas? ". The title is only metaphorical. In practice, Lorenz discovered thebutterfly Effectobserving the development of a meteorological model.

Making calculations of a weather model using apparently irrelevant rounded initial condition data would not reproduce the analysis results with unrounded initial condition data. In practice, a very small (and apparently insignificant) change in the initial conditions had created a significantly different result. Here is the butterfly effect.

It is thanks to the butterfly effect that this animal takes on a further onemeaning: that ofunpredictability of the future. In the metaphor of the butterfly, we imagine a simple movement of air generated by the beating of the wings. A slight gesture that can cause a ripple effect up to triggering a hurricane, perhaps thousands of miles away!

L'unpredictabilityof life is thus embodied inbutterfly symbol. It is no coincidence that the mathematical models that report thebutterfly Effect they tremendously resemble two butterfly wings spread out in flight.

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