How to have thick brows and long lashes

How to have thick brows and long lashes

How to have thick eyebrows: all the solutions to thicken your eyebrows. Aesthetic treatments, natural remedies and useful tips for thicken eyebrows.

Having thick eyebrows is the desire of many women: on the other hand, since it is a clear element of seduction, able to make one's gaze more appreciated, the availability of abovethick eyelashes it is certainly an added value of beauty! But like having long eyebrows? How to preserve and improve this element of charm?

How to care for eyebrows

The first thing we recommend you do if you want to have abovelonger lashes is to take care of them properly, day after day.

In particular, it is important to pay more attention in the evening activities, when doing the "make-up": the eyelashes and eyebrows must never be rubbed, but must be cleaned with a special product, cleansing them delicately.

You can do this by soaking a disc of make-up remover with soothing agents, placing it on the closed eye and then removing it by pressing lightly from top to bottom for the lashes, or from the inside outwards for the eyebrows.

So take a mascara brush and spread a layer of castor oil on your lashes and eyebrows. Do not forget that on the market there are special products based on vitamins E, B8 and C, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids: these are essential supplements to ensure the best health of eyelashes and eyebrows (and not only), which you could choose to buy and use gradually, in combination with a healthy and balanced diet based on fish, legumes and whole grains.

Make up eyelashes and eyebrows

Once you understand how to properly care and take care of your eyebrows, it's time to learn some "tricks". In this context, the simplest secret to be able to get long lashes is to choose a good quality mascara (do not use poor quality mascara, as they could be too aggressive and harmful). Also remember to change your mascara at least once every season, so that contamination can be avoided and, therefore, can prevent bad infections.

Among the other tools you could use to "help yourself" to get longer lashes, go ahead with the curler ... provided you use it correctly! Instead, it is better to avoid waterproof, using it only when you cannot do without it: to eliminate this substance you must in fact act with greater force and, therefore, you would run the serious danger of damaging the eyelashes.

What about the eyebrows?
There is no shortage of pencils designed to make thethicker eyebrows. On the market there are pencils to define the eyebrows but it is important to choose a shade as close to that of your natural hair.

Beautician treatments for thick eyebrows

If eyelash care and diet, and a bit of makeup, were not enough to allow you to achieve a better result in terms of longer lashes and thicker brows, there is always something you can do to achieve your goals: resort to the expert hands of a beautician, who can apply treatments on you that can make your eyebrows sparse and undefined ... the best eyebrows you have never seen! But how is it done?

The techniques are obviously numerous, and the choice will depend on the beautician's skill in understanding what your specific needs are. For example, you can proceed with simple dyeing, or with dermopigmentation, which will fill the spaces between the eyebrows in a more natural way.

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Microblanding for thick eyebrows

Among the innovations in the sector, we limit ourselves to pointing out the presence of the microblanding toll, an instrument in which sterile needles are inserted with which the beautician will make micro scratches in which to insert the color. The end result will be a eyebrow with a three-dimensional effect, able to perfectly reproduce the natural hair. Of course, the treatment is not exactly low cost (it costs at least 300 euros, but the price will depend on the rate of the beauty center and the procedures followed) and the effect is not unlimited (it lasts about 4-6 months). The result, however, is really of great quality, and it might be worth it!

To find out the opinion of the make-up artist experts on the subject ofmicroblandingand remedies forthicken the eyebrowsthe in-depth study entitled: perfect eyebrows. They are not missingnatural remediesable to returnThick eyebrowsand appearancenatural.

Let's talk again about the depth of the gaze and let's focus on the lashes. Those who want to have a perfect look cannot underestimate the lamination or the use of natural mascara to lengthen the lashes.

Longer lashes: extension and lamination

In all this, we can only conclude with a brief reflection on extension, which they will allow you to have longer lashes. The insertion will take place at the base of the natural hair and, if you choose good quality extensions, you will get truly remarkable results, which will last at least 2-3 weeks before falling out. Another final solution is that of lamination, a keratin product that coats the lashes and curves, giving the impression that they are longer. The choice is yours (and your beautician)!

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