Spring fatigue: remedies and advice

Spring fatigue: remedies and advice

How to fight thespring fatiguewith natural remedies and ad hoc supplementsExpert advice for not letting go of exhaustion.

The world seems to be divided into three categories: those who are immune to the arrival of spring, those who get caught up in "spring fever" (a strong euphoria) and those who, on the other hand, suffer the symptoms ofspring fatigue… But what is it about?

What is that?

With the term "spring fatigue"Refers to a condition offatigue, exhaustion, low energy levels and low mood.These symptoms they are associated with spring. The question arises: can a season cause these symptoms? The theories are different, for many i symptoms of thespring fatigueare closely related toallergies.

Pollen allergy triggers herssymptomsright in the spring season. Then there are those who correlate thespring fatigueto a psychological disorder known asSeasonal Affective Disorder.

Spring fatigue

The "spring fatigue"Is not a" diagnosable disorder "but a phenomenon theorized to explain the appearance of certain symptoms near spring. According to the estimates published in the "Der verkappte Winterschlaf", about 50-75% of the German population suffers symptoms related tochange of season.

How long does it last?

In Italy, isymptomsthey occur from mid-March to the end of April, but depending on the person they can last until May, especially in the Northern area: yes, the trend would seem to be linked to the climate, hours of light and other atmospheric agents.

There spring fatigueit is not at all correlated with lack of sleep, on the contrary, the symptoms also occur with an adequate sleep-wake cycle.


The symptoms listed above are also associated with:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Joint pains
  • Mood change
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Apathy

Thesesymptomsare related to the psychological condition known as "Seasonal Affective Disorder ".This condition is recognized by the American National Institutes of Health and was formally described in 1994.

Spring fatigue: causes and remedies

We have described thesymptomsbut we still haven't talked aboutcauses and remedies. If they can be used to combat spring fatigueremediesnow tested, you cannot have as many certainties when it comes tocauses.

Thecauses of spring fatiguehave not been fully understood. It is clear that there is a great involvement ofhormonal balance. The body is supposed to fail to adapt suddenly to the new conditionslight and temperature.

As the days get longer in spring, the body should change its circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a period of time of about 24 hours, during which our body regulates many phenomena such as the sleep-wake phase, heart rhythm, blood pressure, hormone secretion, immune responses ...

With the increase in hours of light, the body begins to produce greater quantities of serotonin but the production of melatonin is reduced. These changes, albeit minimal from a molecular point of view, have an important impact on the body and mind which react with a response ofstress and fatigue.

In addition, temperatures fluctuate a lot duringspring. With the rise in temperatures, blood pressure decreases: the vessels dilate and this can cause a lowering of energy.


If you are sure you do not suffer fromseasonal allergies, forfight spring fatigueyou can take a very effective countermeasure: spend time outdoors, move and expose yourself to the light.

Light and physical activity are the right mix to combat fatigue: invest a little energy to prevent fatigue! It is a good compromise. Physical activity helps you to produce endorphins that will keep your mood and energy levels high. The open air (better if clean!) Will help you oxygenate the tissues. Breathe Well: Breathe with your nose and mouth.

Fill up on vitamins and minerals: fruits and vegetables can be excellent allies. Avoid meals that are too hot, even the classic hot bath: they can cause a further drop in blood pressure.

Keep your body well hydrated and if necessary you can resort tosupplements. Which are the best? Undoubtedly you should avoid those that contain caffeine or arousing agents that can have counterproductive effects.Supplementsbased on potassium and magnesium are perfect for improving blood pressure.

Which one to buy? You are spoiled for choice. Among the many supplements, to counteract the spring fatigue you can choose MgKVis, preferably in liquid or soluble solution. If you choose soluble supplements, you can dissolve them in your bottle and sip them when needed. For information on purchasing, I refer you to the Amazon page dedicated to offers: Mg.K Vis.

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