Labradorite: stone and its properties

Labradorite: stone and its properties

There labradorite is a stone with extraordinary powers that was discovered several years ago, in 1770, in Canadian peninsula of Labrador from which it takes its name. This stone cannot be considered among the therapeutic ones but at the same time we must not neglect its strength and the beneficial effects it can have on our body and spirit. It is a strong and protective stone that increases magnetism, according to the shamans it connects us with the spirits of nature and helps us to communicate with them.

Labradorite: stone

At the mineralogical level this stone is a feldspar, we find it in the plagioclase series, it is formed in pegmatites or basic magmas. Classic colors are lieutenant al grey green and tend to be very bright, thanks to the refraction effect of light on the lamellar structure, a phenomenon known as labradorescence.

The chemical formula of Labradorite is Na [AlSi3O8] Ca [Al2Si2O8] + Fe, K, Ba, Sr and the element associated with it is Air because air is the one that most has to do with the sphere of communication and intellect and is linked to our capacity for expression, creativity, wisdom and also to travel.

He often comes to stones also connected a chakra, at least one chakra, but in this case we find three. There is the third, Manipura, inherent in the navel and solar plexus, the sixth, Ajna, inherent in the forehead, also called the third eye, and then there is the seventh Sahasrara chakra, that of the Crown.

White labradorite

Labradorite, a variety of anorthite, can take on various colors but in most cases these are shades with blue and green reflections, even if they can be seen in every color. What can make it appear white at times is its degree of opacity which can vary a lot. There are almost transparent stones and others translucent, being very widespread there is a very large case history.

Although widespread all over the world, this stone is extracted mainly in some areas of the globe, obviously in Canada, exactly in Labrador Peninsula, but not only. We can also find important deposits in Scandinavia and Madagascar.

Labradorite: powers

The powers of the Labradorite concern both the body and the spirit, in general it is known as a stone capable of increasing a person's creativity, it also strengthens intuition and allows us to see the true nature of our purposes. From the point of view of the health of our body, they say it is useful against colds and also against rheumatism and that it is able to counteract both gout and states of stress.

Labradorite: properties

Let's take a closer look at what effects this stone can have on both our body and our psyche. Let's start with the body. Labradorite is highly recommended to deal with diseases such as colds, rheumatism and gout and also to prevent them, since it is able to reduce the sensation of cold. On the other hand, it also manages to act against stomach pains and to limit pressure increases thanks to its calming effect.

Its effects on the psyche are numerous and important, complex to illustrate, easier to experience in person if you believe it. Labradorite is believed to be a excellent antidote to illusions. Thanks to its iridescent surface of various colors, it manages to show us the true nature of our purposes and our actions, overcomes the dispersion makes us more intuitive and linked to reality, not allowing us to self-deceive ourselves.

Also thanks to its characteristics of changeability, this stone can help us learn to develop a deeper gratitude, it frees us from old bad habits in which we may have gotten stuck and it accompanies us in the change. Labradorite is also an ally when it comes to shifting perceptions to a higher level and changing our choices in a positive but courageous way. Among the many advantages of Labradorite, there is also that of stimulating creativity and imagination, helping us to be more introspective and attentive to our feelings.

Labradorite: use

If it seems to us that this stone is for us, let's get one and learn how to use it. There are several ways to do this, for example you can wear as a necklace. In this way we bring it closer to the throat chakra allowing it to promote freedom of expression and freedom protect us from bronchitis and breathing disorders.

We can also place this stone on the third eye, the forehead, to stimulate our psychic faculties. Labradorite during meditation it can help us connect with spirits driving while if we sleep on it it will be useful for lucid dreams. While we work we can keep this stone on the desk: it helps to be more productive and stimulates creativity.

To use labradorite you also need to keep it clean, which can be done quite easily passing it under a trickle of running water and drying it immediately, without ever immersing it completely in water.

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