Rubus idaeus: properties and opinions

Rubus idaeus: properties and opinions

The Rubus idaeus it is the Raspberry in the bud extracted version which thus takes its Latin name. It is a substance that is in most cases identified as the natural remedy for all the aches and pains associated with PMS. In truth, it also has other properties but the most known and appreciated one remains this, perhaps also due to the fact that there are many women who seek relief from the annoyances of the days before menstruation, annoyances that can have repercussions on a social and emotional level.

There gemmotherapy uses the Rubus idaeus for premenstrual syndrome and its symptoms because raspberry is a regulator of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis and ovarian secretion and in this capacity acts on the female hormonal system. The Rubus idaeus it is therefore also used when there is a need to rebalance the menstrual cycle.

Rubus idaeus: what it is

From a more "botanical" point of view, the Rubus Idaeus it is one of the many species of brambles that grows spontaneously on the edges of roads, mountain paths and in clearings, even in Italy, especially in the areas of the Alps and the Apennines. Belonging to the family of Rosaceae, Rubus is a bushy shrub that reaches a maximum of one meter in height, grows in cool places, in the light but in areas not too sunny.

When the flowers bloom in spring, they are formed by 5 small white petals and from these comes the fruit that ripens in August. It is the raspberry, we all know it, it is red and juicy, with a sweet and very pleasant flavor. Earnings of Rubus they are also the leaves that we can collect during the summer to dry them in the shade, and then place them in bags or glass jars where they can be kept for many months if placed away from heat sources.

Rubus idaeus property

Gemmotherapy uses the Rubus idaeus primarily to treat all ailments related to PMS. The substance must be extracted from the youngest jets of plants, it has an important rebalancing action on the autonomic system but is also able to relieve the main symptoms related to the psychological sphere. By this we mean both mood swings and unmotivated crying fits, as well as a tendency to irritability, nervousness, anxiety and depression.

The Rubus idaeus It also acts on a purely physical level as a regularizer of the menstrual cycle: it balances the hormonal system and exerts a decongestant and relaxing action on the uterine muscle when spasms are also associated with the premenstrual syndrome.

They usually take 40 drops of raspberry bud extract, to be diluted in two fingers of water, twice a day, between meals. Obviously we do not have to worry about any undesirable effects or contraindications because we are talking about a bud extract, which is also recommended for breast tenderness, water retention, acne, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary and fibroids. Let's take a closer look at some of these applications.

In the form of leaf compresses, the raspberry has many benefits on the skin because it can relieve redness and inflammation of the skin, the fruit itself is also used but in the field of cosmetics as a toning and nourishing skin. We find it in creams and soaps but also in products such as raspberry seed vegetable oil, with emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, used on the skin to relieve irritation and inflammation.

We always find raspberry, also used with a completely different purpose, to fight water retention, diarrhea and other intestinal disorders. The fresh raspberry fruit works but it is better to focus on the infusions of the leaves that have good diuretic effects and are useful for fighting water retention. The infusion can be sipped, classically, but also used to gargle if we have some inflammation of the mouth and throat.

Rubus idaeus in herbal medicine

In herbal medicine we can find many raspberry products but this is not the only place to look for them. They are also usually sold in many pharmacies, organic shops and specialized online ones.

Among the most popular are the infusions, easy to prepare, with a spoonful of leaves for each cup of water. Just leave them infuse for 10 minutes to obtain an excellent remedy against intestinal disorders and premenstrual syndrome. Always with the leaves of this plant we can rinse the mouth by preparing a decoction of raspberry by combining 2 soup spoons of leaves in 10 cl of water. Let it boil for a few minutes, strain and let it cool before using it.

We can also buy the bud extract which, as we have seen before, should be taken in 40 drops before or between meals, 1 or 2 times a day.

Rubus idaeus: opinions

The bud extract it has no contraindications and is therefore particularly appreciated. The raspberry, in fruit version, on the other hand, has some. Indeed, this fruit can reduce the absorption of some iron and oral thiamine-based drugs, if taken at close range. Cases of interaction with hypoglycemic drugs.

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