Perfect eyebrows: how to do it

Perfect eyebrows: how to do it

To haveperfect eyebrowsseems to have become the latest obsession of all Hollywood stars and beyond. Obsession that has very solid foundations: all of us, looking at a beautiful face, can be enchanted by its gaze. After all, it is well known: the gaze is the main weapon of seduction and theeyebrow architecture it can enhance the depth of the gaze to make it magnetic. If you want tooperfect eyebrows, on this page you will find many useful tips.

If until some time ago, fashion required thin and thin eyebrows, today there seems to have been a change of direction:perfect eyebrowsthey maintain a thick and natural appearance, in harmony with their facial features and above all, in perfect health.

How to have perfect eyebrows

If you are wonderinghow to have perfect eyebrowsyou can count on:

  • Henna eyebrow tattoo (Bio tatoo)
  • Microblanding eyebrow tattoo
  • Eyebrow dye

These techniques allow you to draw perfect eyebrows by redefining the shape. The results, depending on the method chosen, are different. Let's try to understand each other better.

Perfect eyebrows for every face

The eyebrows they are very important and greatly affect the features of the face. To haveperfect eyebrowsit means achieving excellent symmetry, it means adding harmony to the face and depth to the gaze: it is well known that in aesthetic symmetry and harmony of the features are synonymous with beauty.

So which technique to choose? The technique should not be chosen based on the needs of the face but also greatly affects the type of skin and personal expectations.

To help you in your choice, it is possible to ask for an opinion from the professionals of the sector and, to help you, we have started doing it for you.

We met theEyebrow Artist (eyebrow designer) Antonella Grasso (makeup Starty) and we asked her a few questions in order to clarify the most common doubts abouteyebrow tattooand on what they define todayeyebrow architecture. Let's start step by step and talk about the three main techniques that allow you to have perfect eyebrowsaccording to your face.

Henna eyebrow tattoo - Bio-tatoo henna

What's this the Bio-tattoo henna?Antonella Grasso explains to us that it is a technique that helps us to give oneformwell defined to the eyebrows and which, due to the use of natural pigments, is also called "tnatural eyebrow intura". Let's go into details:

"The semi-permanent reconstruction of the eyebrows with dye, in particular with henna, is one of the most requested and trending treatments today. The Bio-tattoo is a real curative and aesthetic treatment that aims at the reconstruction of the shape of the eyebrows eliminating the various imperfections.

It is organic because natural henna is used as a coloring pigment. Besides to draw the correct shape of the eyebrows, henna helps, if done consistently, to make the hair brighter. Active ingredients are often added to the eyebrow henna preparations that can stimulate the growth of the eyebrows where they are missing.

Henna dye or eyebrow tattoo: duration

The bio-tattoo henna has a subjective duration. In broad terms it lasts from 2 to 3 weeks on the hair, while it lasts about 10/12 days on the skin. If the skin is very oily, the Bio-tattoo has a shorter duration. It is always necessary to have it applied by an expert who will carry out a pre-treatment that aims to degrease the area well.

What is the difference between eyebrow dye and henna bio-tattoo?

The expert explains it to us: there is a big difference between henna and classic dye. The first also dyes the skin and being a natural product, enriched with nourishing active ingredients, it promotes hair growth and assists its health without causing damage. There eyebrow dye, on the other hand, it does not dye the skin and does not promote the growth of the hair, indeed, many artificial dyes risk damaging the skin and in the long run even the hair.

Eyebrow tattoo: differences between bio-tatoo and microblanding

Also in this case, we leave the floor to the expert who explains:

The bio-tattoo is chosen for both aesthetic and curative reasons. The bio-tattoo, in fact, does not just redefine the shape of the eyebrows but also to cure them in the long term.

Very often those who want an immediate and purely aesthetic result resort to the technique of eyebrow tattoo with microblading.

With microblading, within 2 hours of work, the customer is satisfied and needs only a few annual adjustments (in principle one should be enough, but in some cases, the frequency increases because it all depends on the type of skin). Those who want to start a path of care and reconstruction of their eyebrows and without resorting to the needle choose the Bio-tattoo henna.

There is a big difference between the henna bio-tattoo because this, even ifsemi-permanent, in reality it is not a real tattoo: no needle is used and it is painless. Microblanding, on the other hand, uses a needle and pigments that it injects under the skin. These pigments can be natural (mineral or vegetable) or artificial. If you intend to do aeyebrow tattoo, remember to always ask the expert what type of pigments he uses.

DIY perfect eyebrows

Which technique to use to have perfect eyebrows? As stated, the choice is very subjective and must be made according to your expectations! This is where you can ask for help from the experts who will show you how to correct imperfections or even, in some cases, how to completely reconstruct the shape of the eyebrows. To have perfect eyebrows, our expert recommends you:

  • Do eyebrow scrub once a month. The brow scrub reactivates circulation, improves hair growth and eliminates dead cells.
  • Comb your eyebrows every day
  • Treat with coconut oil
  • Massaging, the massage reactivates the blood circulation and improves the health of the eyebrows by promoting their growth
  • Do not use artificial colors in any way as they do not encourage hair growth
  • In the case of tattooing and reconstruction, rely only on professional brow artists, abandon the idea of do-it-yourself or to rely on improvised beauticians.

The eyebrows have an excellent memory: they know well how they are treated. You learn to treat them well and they won't let you down.

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