Autumn leaves: colors and phrases

Autumn leaves: colors and phrases

There is a season in which the leaves manage to be the protagonists, in the absence of flowers but the autumn leaves they would also be in their presence for how varied and beautiful they are. If at first this season was underestimated, and with it the show that nature put on, today we are much more attentive to its colors and not spend all 12 months waiting for the usual spring to take some photos of the plants and woods.

Let's look at them more carefully autumn leaves also trying to understand how to use them to decorate our home, in line with our garden where the red, yellow and orange of the trees we have planted probably explode.

Autumn leaves

Today it is not so obvious to be able to enjoy the spectacle of autumn leaves exactly in September as the calendar indicates, due to the great climatic changes that have occurred and are underway and which can give us anomalous temperatures, too hot, even in late October. But sooner or later the cold arrives and with it colors also arrive.

The bright green of the foliage of the plants yields to other colors of the palette and each type of tree wears its own autumn dress without any regrets for the summer one.

Autumn actually pays off trees are also protagonists for once and plants that do not produce very evident flowers and that are often snubbed in other seasons. This season gives more or less the opportunity for everyone to be seen and to parade with their own golden, or reddish, or rust-colored coat.

The colors of autumn, for the flora, do not follow trends but the different types of trees, also conditioned by current climate that anticipates or delays coloring. To better enjoy this show we should dress comfortably and go for a nice walk in the nearby park.

It is true that there are trees also along the roads but it is not the same thing to observe their colors from the window, isn't it? Besides, would you ever want to give up the pleasure of walk with your feet on the leaves listening to the noise we make with our pace? It is a tremendous "exercise" relaxing which I advise you to do, when it is season.

Autumn leaves: colors

Autumn leaves are usually yellow, red or brown. Which color do you prefer? Let's see the meanings together. The yellow it is the brightest color of all, its meaning is linked to the sun and light. If you love yellow autumn leaves you are perhaps always looking for lightness and a positive mood, you want to free yourself from negative thoughts.

If you prefer colored leaves instead red, love the color symbol of love and passion but also of anger and aggression. It is a color that is present in autumn but not too much, only particular plants have it, including maple, for example. It draws blood and heart, it has a strong magnetic power just like those who love it.

Let's move on to brown leaves, leaves of so many different browns that it is impossible to catalog. In general, however, we can say that it is a color with a very deep meaning, linked to the earth, nature and the places to which we feel we belong. If you love this kind of foliage, which turns brown, you are warm and calm people, who love to instill security in the physical and social environment in which they live.

Autumn leaves for children

In front of foliage we all become a little bit children but in the presence of real children, here are some creative ideas to have fun using the leaves collected on a nice walk in nature.

The autumn leaves can be painted with tempera or watercolors, to obtain multicolor leaves to hang at home or on windows, but when the color is still fresh they can be used as stencils for decorate sheets and fabrics. Even without gouache, the leaf can act as a stencil. Just place it on a surface, cover it with a sheet and then hammer it.

One of the easiest chores to do with autumn leaves it's the collage, cutting them out or using them whole, trying to create shapes with their different colors. Still gluing the leaves on a piece of paper but with scotch tape, you can use colors to get squares. Once the leaf is glued, the color is passed almost everywhere, when it is detached it appears in the middle of the colors, its clear white silhouette that we can also outline with a black marker to give it relief.

If we have collected some leaves from the particular shapes, we can also iron them between two sheets of parchment paper and then create a paper frame around them and thus compose a picture for the children's room. If we have finished toilet paper rolls that we can recycle, we can decorate them with leaves and turn them into miniature autumn trees but if the child we are dealing with loves super heroes why not build with him a real hero mask with the collected leaves. With yellow and red I am convinced that it could come very well.

Autumn leaves: phrases

It does not only fascinate children, the autumn, with its leaves, but also poets and writers who have dedicated many phrases and verses to the season and to the transformation it triggers in nature. Let's see some of them and nobody forbids us to write them ourselves.

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower. (Albert Camus)

Silent, soaring, the early autumn light shone outside the window. (Ryszard Krynicki)

In autumn, the virgin vineyard blushes in front of the trees that are bared. (Sylvain Tesson)

Then the summer fades and passes, and October arrives. You smell the humidity, you feel an unexpected clarity, a nervous shiver, a quick exaltation, a sense of sadness and departure. (Thomas Wolfe)

Autumn always hurts me, for how it breaks up in the colors. I want to go south, where there is no autumn, where the cold doesn't crouch like a snow leopard waiting to pounce on us. (DH Lawrence)

I can't bear to lose something as precious as the autumn sun by staying indoors. So I spent most of the daylight hours in the open sky. (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Autumn has more gold in his pocket than all other seasons. (Jim Bishop)

In autumn, do not go to the jewelers to see gold; go to the parks! (Mehmet Murat ildan)

And how much I love the season how much I love your sounds The fruits that fall and that nobody picks up The wind and the forest that weep All their tears of autumn leaf by leaf The leaves Pounded A train Passing The life That goes. (Guillame Apollinaire)

The October poplars are torches that light the way for winter. (Nova S. Bair)

Autumn is the sweetest season, and what we lose in flowers we gain in fruit. (Samuel Butler)

The foliage has lost its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself as the first white hairs between the cracks of a beauty that has seen one season too many (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Fall leaves, fall flowers and vanish, night stretch out, shorten day, each leaf speaks to me of gentle peace breaking away with a whisper from the autumn tree. (Emily Brontë)

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