Reproduction of the meat rabbit

Reproduction of the meat rabbit

Our column on rabbit breeding continues. Today we will talk about the reproduction of the meat rabbit.

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Reproduction of the meat rabbit
The reproductive activity of rabbit it starts as early as January and gradually intensifies. For this reason, with the increase in breeding pairs of rabbits, it will be necessary to organize well with cages for males and nests for females.

To ensure reproduction, the female must be checked daily: mating may not follow fertilization and a false pregnancy can develop which lasts 15-20 days and wastes a lot of time for the breeder.

To avoid the risk of pseudogravidanze and make sure that pregnancy occurs when mating the rabbit, the female must be checked every day. How to tell if a female rabbit is pregnant? The animal is held still with one hand while the other slides by gently pressing along the belly from the front to the back. Looking at the genital area of ​​the female rabbit, if it is pregnant, you should see small fleshy spheres of elastic consistency and the size of a bean. If this growth is not present, a new mating will be necessary.

Just after fertilization, the male will have to be removed from the pregnant female who will be able to set up the nest. Once the little rabbits are born, they will have to wait for weaning and, at four to five weeks of life, the bunnies will have to be transferred from the cage where they are with their mother, to a box on the ground on straw.

After weaning, the rabbits will begin feeding for fattening. In this period, young rabbits should be disturbed as little as possible so as not to hinder growth.

Reproduction of the meat rabbit, the choice of the female
In March, after the reproduction of the meat rabbit of the winter period, it will be necessary to start identifying the best females from which to choose those to be allocated to reproduction next autumn. For females intended for breeding, a diet that is not too strong is recommended, better rationing it in 150 grams of food to be administered daily so as to prevent them from gaining too much weight.

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