Slow Festival 2018

Slow Festival 2018

The Slowness Festival 2018 has arrived, we are running out, there are now a few days left to participate in the 3 days of meetings, workshops and exhibitions that every year bring the frenzy of everyday life to everyone's attention, asking us to slow down and not to attribute a negative meaning to this term: slowness. Slowness can also mean taking care, pay attention, reflect, be kind, love nature and respect it rather than "overwhelm it" with an attitude more focused on immediate gain than on lasting one.

Let's find out what the Festival della Lentezza 2018 that will take place has in store for us from 15 to 17 June at the Reggia di Colorno (PR). A series of meetings, shows, workshops, exhibitions, books are scheduled, all selected with the idea of ​​calling everyone to cultivate. Cultivating the land, the Earth with a capital T, but also to cultivate human relationships and earthly passions or not. To take a look at the Festival edition a couple of years ago, look here

Festival of Slowness 2018: the theme

This edition of the festival, in addition to slowness, focuses on the theme of cultivating. The two concepts seem to go hand in hand, those who cultivate the land know this well and every year touches the fact that it's nature that dictates the times, whether you like it or not, and that there aren't many shortcuts to get good results. It is necessary to tolerate its slowness at times, perhaps learning first to respect it, then to love it and use it in our favor.

The concept of "cultivating" during the festival it is declined in different ways and in various sectors, resulting in a rich and varied program that meets the needs of different types of guests. Adults and children, country or city people, lazy or sporty, women or men, fans or protagonists. Before browsing the program it is good to specify that in most cases, the meetings and activities proposed are free and with free admission, for each event there is the possibility to register and book on the website of the Slow Festival 2018.

Festival della Lentezza 2018: the appointments

Friday 15 June starts with a anti waste dinner who asks us to lick our mustaches with treats of indisputable taste but also to think about how much we waste every day, perhaps by doing poorly in shopping. The theme is current and also touches our portfolios, better investigate! Dinner takes place from 8pm onwards in the beautiful garden of the Reggia with Chef Cristian Broglia with the help of about thirty volunteers, boys and girls who on this occasion will experience school-work alternation, combining useful with pleasure.

Among the meetings to attend during theSlowness Festival there are those of famous and well-known guests, not because they are slow but because they are inspiring. Here are some names: the philosopher and psychologist Umberto Galimberti, the scientist Stefano Mancuso, the musician Samuel Bersani, Writer Erri De Luca, the philanthropist Cecilia Strada, the trumpet player Paolo Fresu.

In the program there are other meetings with less high-sounding names but equally worthy of attention, and then workshops and entertainment, gastronomic and musical events. A space for reading will also be set up, with the Coop libraries, a farmers' market with local producers with a short supply chain (Sunday 17 June) and a photographic exhibition focused on the condition of women, entitled “One hundred days of solitude” with the shots of the photographer from the Palestinian citizen Nidaa Badwan.

Festival of Slowness 2018: Bosco del Tempo

A project that will be presented at Slow Festival 2018, even if already anticipated during the press conference for the presentation of the program, held last June 4th, is the one called “Bosco del Tempo”. TheStuard Experimental Farm in Parma, it is an orchard of forgotten fruits.

The affected area has been made available to the Municipality, there arealready 20,000 euros raised for the adoption of trees from all over Italy, trees that, planted on the last day of the Festival, will bear their first fruits in a few years and can be picked and tasted by children in the canteen.

Organized in this way, such a project manages to tell with a practical and engaging example, how nature, slowly, knows how to nourish us. Also important is the aspect that touches biodiversity, an important issue that goes well with cultivation and slowness.

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