How to store garlic

How to store garlic

How to store garlic:instructions for storing dry or fresh garlic. Preservation of garlic in oil and advice for pink garlic, red garlic, white garlic and black garlic (fermented).

After seeing how to preserve potatoes without making them sprout, we continue to talk about life in the countryside and we do it with the garlic harvest. In fact, most of the garlic harvested in the garden is not eaten fresh but dried and stored throughout the year. Let's see how.

How to dry garlic

There is no particular garlic drying process because this happens, in peasant tradition, in a completely natural way.

When to harvest garlic to store

Before understanding how to dry garlic, we should explain how and when to collect the garlic to store. The harvest occurs between the end of June and the beginning of July, when the bulb is completely enlarged and the aerial part of the plant begins to yellow.

In thevegetable garden, the harvest of garlic that can be obtained ranges from 500 grams up to 1.5 kg for each square meter of cultivated land. Those who use particular cultivation techniques can get even 2 kg per square meter. In a small vegetable garden, therefore, it is possible to collect many kg of garlic to be used for storage.

The bulbs of bare plants (with suitable agricultural tools or with a spade), must be freed from the earth, cleaned when the soil is still fresh, and left to dry in the sun in bunches. The drying is completed naturally within 4 - 5 days. Those who want to speed up the drying of garlic can arrange the bulbs on overturned wooden crates or on racks. The drying is then completed in a room covered by a roof but well ventilated.

The drying (or drying) phase generally takes three weeks. When the garlic is perfectly dry it will be possible to proceed with the preservation of your choice, fromgarlic in oil with garlic in salt, without excluding natural conservation. Dried garlic, in fact, if kept in a cool place, can be stored throughout the year. Different story if you want to prepare black garlic. In fact, black garlic is nothing more than dried and fermented garlic.

How to store garlic

Dried or dried garlic (perfectly dry) can be stored placed on wooden or plastic crates, placed freely or collected in bunches to hang ... In these conditions, from the harvest, the white garlic can be stored freely until the following February and beyond. The shelf life of pink garlic and red garlic, on the other hand, is shorter than it must be consumed before Christmas anyway.

To keep the garlic dry for longer, you can place the bulbs at low temperatures. If you store the garlic in the refrigerator (placed at 2 - 3 ° C but also at -1, - 2 ° C), it can last until the next harvest. In fact, it is possible in the refrigeratorpreserve the garlicall year long. It is important, however, to monitor the bunches because if they have not been dried well, rot could arise. At the slightest sign of rot, it is important to exclude rotten garlic and adjacent bulbs.

How to preserve garlic in oil,useful for storing red garlic and pink garlic

L'garlic in oil, in fact, it shouldn't be understood as a processstorage. Thereconservation in oilit is more suitable for the type of perishable garlic such as pink garlic or red garlic. Since white garlic is kept intact for the whole year, those who prefer to preparegarlic in salt or garlic in oilit should do so in order to prepare a ready-to-use dressing and not for conservation.

Garlic in oil is easy to prepare and can be enriched with dried herbs and dried chilli.

To make garlic in oil, use sterile jars (such as sterilizing jars). Clean each clove of garlic and prepare these ingredients:

  • 15 or more garlic bulbs
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 liter of apple acid
  • a tablespoon of coarse salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • flavorings (optional)

In a pot, boil the vinegar and water. Add a tablespoon of coarse salt. Pour in the garlic and cook for 5 minutes. Drain them and let them dry well.

Transfer the garlic cloves to sterile jars and cover with oil. Wait and, if necessary, add more oil. Seal and store in a cool, dry place.

At your choice, you can preserve garlic in oil already seasoned with dried and chopped oregano and dried and chopped chilli.

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