Sparkling water from the tap at home

Sparkling water from the tap at home

Sparkling water from the tap at home: how to do it, installation costs and under-sink systems. Advice, adjusting the "carbonation" and what to give up to halve the purchase price.

Sparkling water, how it's done

L'sparkling wateris produced by exploiting carbon dioxide, a gaseous substance which,mixed with water,produces the typical bubbles.

In nature, especially in volcanic areas, they are found sources effervescent in which this gaseous substance is found "of course"dissolved in water. If, in the supermarket, we read on the label the words "Natural effervescent water ",the product must have natural carbon dioxide values ​​dissolved in water of at least 250 mg / L. With such a concentration, the water is only slightly carbonated, but generally carbonated waters such as Ferrarelle have a carbon dioxide concentration of about 2,500 mg / L.

At home, thesparkling watercan be obtained by exploiting the so-calledcarbonators, which can add large amounts of carbon dioxide (bubbles!) to tap water.

The more "sparkling" waters have very high concentrations of carbon dioxide. On the market we find sparkling water with a concentration of carbon dioxide of about 2,500 - 3,000 mg / L or even, for the more sparkling waters, this concentration exceeds 5,000 mg / L.

Sparkling water from the tap at home

In this paragraph we will examine advantages and disadvantagesrefrigerators for the production of sparkling mineral water at home.

Forhave sparkling water from the tap at homeyou must be willing to face a small initial expense for the purchase and installation of afrigogasatoresink to which filters will be added. The purchase of food grade carbon dioxide refill cylinders will then be added to the initial expense (E290certified).

These systems are connected directly to the domestic water network, have more or less small dimensions so as tohidenear the kitchen faucet drain pipes.

The carbonation system is generally equipped with a small coolant tank, so as to allow the supply of fresh (or cold, depending on personal tastes) and sparkling water. Not only is the temperature adjustable ... so is the amount of bubbles. In the introduction made previously, we explained to you that the amount of carbon dioxide affects the taste of the water and its so-called "fizziness".

A slightly sparkling water can be satisfied with only 500 mg / L of carbon dioxide. Those who want to achieve the sparkle of Ferrarelle water will have to add 2,450 mg / L while others will be able to customize their water by delivering more or less carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately, the coolers do not allow such a capillary regulation, but you will have to be content with three different degrees of carbonation. Now let's move on to the practical part, how much does a refrigerator cost and… are there cheaper alternatives?

Carbonated water from a home tap, costs

A frigogasatore, taken individually, can be bought for about 1,000 euros but alone is not enough. To have a good frigogasatore you need to budget for over 2,000 euros both for the purchase of the frigogasatore itself, for the installation, the purchase of components and for the taps to be adapted.

By purchasing cheaper refrigerators you could lose the possibility of regulating the CO2 quantity or lose the possibility of supplying fresh water. Let's see how much a finished system with a frigogasatore costs to make sparkling water at home.

In the example, we point out a product with an excellent quality / price ratio. Compact, functional and that allows a good regulation of the quantity of carbon dioxide by means of a special knob on the taps.

It is possible to choose between mineral water with the addition of carbon dioxide at a very low concentration (not perceptible to the palate, so it is watersmooth mineral). Slightly sparkling water and sparkling water.

For all the information on the frigogasatore described, I refer you to the Amazon pageGrohe 40554001. The price is about 1,000 euros but refers only to the refrigerator that supplies fresh or cold water, adjustable in a range between 4 and 10 ° C.

Thepricedrops dramatically if you aim for the alternatives of the classicfrigogasatore. By choosing acarbonatorwithout a compressor you give up the possibility of delivering cold water: you will be able to obtain water at the classic temperature supplied by your tap. The advantages of this waiver are two:

  • less space
  • more ease of installation
  • a saving of about 1,000 euros (half the cost)

A complete system, always with the possibility of the three adjustments, can be purchased at a price of 1,129 euros and can be installed with the DIY. For all the information, once again I refer you to the Amazon page where you will find details on the products:Grohe 31454000 Blue Home.

Please note: in this article I mentioned two Grohe products in because I personally installed the cheapest system with tap and carbonator (without refrigeration system, because I put the same sparkling water in the icebox of the freezer), so I felt more comfortable to take products that I have personally tested as an example. There are a large number of frigosataori on the market, the cost to be incurred may fluctuate slightly, make your due considerations before any purchase.