Trace elements: what they are

Trace elements: what they are

Trace elements, present in relatively small quantities but which play a fundamental role when it comes to treating functional diseases, allow a rebalancing of organic exchanges. Let's see what they are and where we can find them so as not to have an incorrect diet, perhaps without our knowledge. With trace elements, it doesn't take much to fix it.

Trace elements: what they are

In the body there are various minerals, some in important quantities, such as Calcium, others instead such as Manganese, Copper, Zinc, in minimal quantities. That's why the name, from the Greek “oligos” which means not very abundant.

The fact that they do not dominate in weights and compositions does not mean that they are to be neglected, on the contrary, they are decisive for our health and for that of many other living beings and many plants. If we have the correct amount of trace elements exchanges within our body take place correctly and on time, this translates into an excellent functioning of our organism, both physically and psychically.

Trace elements: what they are for

Let's see in which cases they are particularly useful. In general, we can talk about organic diseases, functional diseases or mixed pathological phenomena that involve the coexistence of more functional and organic problems.

The trace elements they help us deal with the last two categories of diseases. In the case of functional ones alone they can be successful, in the second case it is better instead associate them with other therapies.

Trace elements: magnesium

The trace elementmagnesium is one of those recommended in case of neurovegetative dystonia and were grouped under the term spasmophilia. Even if they warn of general pain, magnesium can help.

Trace elements: copper

If we are in one viral or flu infectious state, if we are suffering from temporary inflammation, the most appropriate trace element is the copper. Copper, as well as gold and silver, are also helpful during convalescence from infectious diseases such as the flu or other viral diseases. These three trace elements are also recommended if you suffer from total asthenia or psychoasthenia.

Trace elements: lithium

Lithium is a well-known remedy for anxiety states and is also good for psychic or psychosomatic manifestations minors.

Trace elements: where they are found

They are often for sale in various formats in pharmacies specializing in homeopathic products, some products are also found online. To choose them adequately and consciously, understanding which one is right for us, it is better to consult a book like "Trace elements and naturopathy", The practical manual of biocatalytic therapy by Margherita Faccio.

You can buy it on Amazon at 25 euros, it is a useful guide when it comes to finding your way between Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iodine and many other minerals protagonists of an infinite number of chemical processes, essential to life, but often unknown to those who are not in the sector.

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