Vitamin PP, what is it for

Vitamin PP, what is it for

Vitamin PP, what it is for and how it is taken. Which foods are richest in vitamin PP and what happens in case of deficiency.

Vitamin PP, what is it for

With the termvitamin PPyou identify a substance identified asniacin, part of the B vitamins (Vitamin B3).

Thereniacinorvitamin PPit is synthesized in tissues starting fromtryptophan, an amino acid also useful for the synthesis ofserotonin, commonly known as the "good mood hormone". From 60 mg of tryptophan, our body gets 1 mg of niacin. The niacin obtained from tryptophan is not sufficient to buffer the needs of our body.

What is vitamin PP used for?
This molecule is fundamental for two coenzymes, NAD and NADP, respective acronyms of:

  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
  • nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate

The NAD is produced with both theniacinboth with quinolinic acid. NADP is produced by adding a phosphate group to the NAD molecule.

These coenzymes are of vital importance in the body as they allow the transfer of electrons in a large number of reactions.

Vitamin PP deficiency

While the main source of vitamin D is the sun, the main source of vitamin PP is food.

It is true, we have said that vitamin PP can be produced by our body independently, starting from tryptophan. But we also said that for every 60 mg of tryptophan you get a single mg of niacin and, in most cases, it is not enough to buffer anutritional deficiency.

Therevitamin PP deficiencytakes the name ofPellagra. The same name assigned to niacin, "vitamin PP┬╗Derives from its role in preventing pellagra, PP stands for Pellagra Prevention.

Therepellagrais a disease related toniacin deficiency. This pathology first manifests itself in the gastrointestinal system and then affects theskinwith aphotosensitizing dermatitis.

Therevitamin PP deficiencyit can also cause fatigue, depression, memory impairment, confusion and other mental disorders.

Foods with vitamin PP

The lack of vitamin PP and therefore pellagra was very common among the populations who based their diet on corn (America) and rice (Asia). In Japan, to counter thevitamin PP deficiencya type of buckwheat-based pasta began to spread, currently also famous in Italy with the name of soba. Soba and, in general, buckwheat, are an excellent source of vitamin B3 (niacin or vitamin PP). For all the information, I refer you to the page: soba, what is it.

Among the foods richest in vitamin PP we point out brewer's yeast, meats, buckwheat and some cereals. Fruits, eggs and vegetables do not provide significant levels of vitamin PP.

Vitamin PP, supplement

There are a large number of on the marketsupplementsbased onvitamin PP. Generally, the name we find on the purchase label is "Niacin supplement"Or"vitamin B3 supplement"But the substance does not change!

Yes, vitamin PP has many names, in the United States of America it is also known asPP factor,its IUPAC name is pyridine-3-carboxylic acid and is also known as nicotinic acid. We provide you with this information to make your purchase more informed.

Where to buy a good vitamin b3 supplement? You can go to the pharmacy, to the shops dedicated to the health of the sportsman, to the best equipped fitness centers (it improves mitochondrial breathing and thus prevents the sense of fatigue) or take advantage of the online purchase.

Among the various products on the market I would like to point out a specific one based on niacin, vitamin B3 or vitamin PP. A bottle of supplements of 180 tablets can be bought on Amazon at a price of 13.95 euros with free shipping. For all information I invite you to visitthis Amazon page. Supplements based onvitamin PPthey can also be found in pharmacies but at higher prices.

It is a rather complete formulation but, if you wish, there is also no shortage of vitamin B3 or niacin supplements on Amazon.

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