Shellfish allergy: symptoms and remedies

Shellfish allergy: symptoms and remedies

Shellfish allergy, one of the many food allergies that exist but not the most common. Moreover, the cause that causes it is not yet clear. So far it has been speculated that the immune system reacts after it has identified some of the protein found in seafood as harmful and deems it necessary to produce antibodies to defend themselves.

Allergy to shellfish: symptoms

Symptoms ofshellfish allergy they usually are evident immediatelyas soon as you ingest these foods. They pass from hives to itching, you may swell your face, lips, tongue or throat. Crustaceans can also arise, to those who are allergic to them breathing problems such as wheezing and nasal congestion, abdominal pain.

Anyone who is allergic to shellfish can also suffer from diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and dizziness and if the reaction leads to anaphylaxis, it could be lethal. Among the symptoms we also find drop in blood pressure, a feeling of lightheadedness and loss of consciousness.

Shellfish allergy: photo

Shellfish allergy does not always extend to all crustaceans, it can also concern some types and others not.

Allergy to shellfish: remedies

The only serious and effective remedy against shellfish allergy is to avoid eating them. Passionate about the genre and greedy, lovers of fish feast, if you are allergic to shellfish nothing to do, you must give up. Some drugs such as antihistamines may lessen the effects, in emergency situations also an injection of epinephrine, but there is no cure for shellfish allergy.

The fact that the cause is not yet well known does not help in the search for remedies, it is certainly a immune system problem that, when it comes into contact with seafood proteins, recognizes them and creates antibodies, histamine is released, which causes allergic symptoms. Self there is already someone in the family who suffers from an allergy of the same or other type, it is more likely that an allergy to shellfish will also occur.

Allergy to shellfish: what to avoid

Avoid… eating shellfish. This is what, making a reason for it and consoling oneself why there are many less manageable allergies and that force those who suffer from it to always look and labels to understand if a certain food can create problems.

Shellfish allergy: cure

When the allergic reaction is so severe that it leads to anaphylaxis it is absolutely necessary rush to the emergency room for an emergency injection of epinephrine. It is the only cure when, due to shellfish allergy, breathing difficulties occur, the throat swells and you have the feeling of fainting.

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