Homemade face scrub

Homemade face scrub

Scrubbing, a French word to indicate a delicate product category, especially suitable for facial treatment. L'resulting effect it is the exfoliating one but it cannot be equaled to the scrub, there are differences and, if you want one very smooth and soft facial skin, it is good to know them.

Face scrub: what is it for

The name "Gommage" brings back to the exfoliating action that the product performs, in fact, these are compounds that are used to remove dead cells from the skin. In this way, the result that many women, above all, desire is achieved: the skin of the face shiny, almost renewed and with a healthier air.

The gommage differs from scrub because it exfoliates, yes, but in a more delicate way, so it is much more suitable for the face if you want to avoid nasty surprises or annoyances. Unlike the scrub, it always has one moisturizing, creamy base or based on nourishing vegetable oils which becomes “exfoliating” because abrasive micro-granules are added.

Face scrub: how to use it

The gommage is used in a very similar way to the scrub, for both results are that apply regularly and continuously, not once in a while, when you remember and in a distracted way.

This type of products is part of the range of tricks that improve the quality of our skin over time without artificial or expensive interventions. They can be applied to all skin types, even the most sensitive, but always taking into account that the effect, albeit delicate, it is abrasive: in case of couperose or skin irritation, it is better to leave it alone the gommage and even less the scrub.

BIO face scrub

THE abrasive microgranules that make this exfoliant, an exfoliant, can be chemical or natural. Better to choose natural ones, better to choose products that are not only of quality also BIO like this, with White Clay and Aloe Vera, also on sale on Amazon for less than 6 euros for each 100 ml pack.

Face scrub: the best for sale online

Looking for online scrubs, there are products that seem very popular like this one "Belle Azul" gel designed to cleanse, exfoliate and purify the skin, it also contains Argan oil and is suitable for all skin types.

A pack of 150 ml costs 30 euros, it is based on cucumber, excellent for removing both dead skin cells and excess sebum. The package also includes a silicone brush to massage the gel on the skin and make one cleansing that stimulates the blood flow of the dermis.

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