Milk the Sun, calculated photovoltaic

Milk the Sun, calculated photovoltaic

Milk the Sun, in the era of the photovoltaic secondary market, through its portal proposes itself as a reference partner for sellers and buyers of systems thus enlivening this market and above all providing a effective and honest tool for those who want to invest in green energy.

Let's see what it is, asking directly to Francesca Rizzo, Country Manager Italy of Milk the Sun.

Milk the Sun operates in the secondary market: what does it mean in practice and how does it differ from those who operate in the primary market?

The primary market began in 2005 with the introduction of the Conto Energia incentives to encourage the spread of solar energy in Italy and has contributed to the installation in Italy of 500,000 photovoltaic systems. With the abolition of the Energy Account, in 2013, there was a sharp slowdown in the primary market, so much so that in 2016 in Italy only 368.7 MW of plants were built against the 18,609 MW built in 2014. It started like this the era of the so-called secondary market, or the purchase and sale of plants already built and connected. Milk the Sun offers the solution to act in this market by acting as a reference partner for sellers and buyers of plants already in

What characteristics make Milk the Sun unique in the panorama of online message boards in the photovoltaic sector?

Milk the Sun is the only online bulletin board dedicated entirely to the secondary market that facilitates and simplifies relations between owners of plants for sale and investors, thus avoiding long (and not very transparent) intermediation chains: the agreement is in fact managed directly with the owner . At the moment there are 160 plants online with sizes starting from 10 kWp up to 3 MW. We also offer an area dedicated to large investments called "Utility Scale Social Network" where projects of the order of 50-200 MW are treated. Our team speaks 6 languages ​​and accompanies our customers throughout the entire negotiation phase: from the choice of the system to the closing.

How does the user-side platform work?

The functionality of the platform is simple and intuitive. The user must first register for free. If the user is the owner and wants to sell his system, he must enter the main data of the system by filling in the fields required by the online form, these are simple information such as eg. the size of the plant in kWp, name and type of panels, annual production measured in kWh, value of the incentive rate. Our Team, after verifying the data, will proceed with putting the plant profile online. If the registered user is an investor, he will simply have to ask us to "unlock the data" of the system for which you want to proceed with the purchase. Our team, having verified the credibility and reliability of the investor, will put the parties in contact to start negotiations.

What are the 3 main advantages of using the platform?

For plant sellers, the advantages are the free publication service, the simplicity of using the platform and the convenience of finding a buyer for their plant without difficulty. The advantages of the buyers on their part are: the wide choice of systems for sale reachable with a single click, the simplicity of using the platform which, thanks to an intuitive search mask, helps to find the system that best suits their needs , the willingness to offer advice from our team.

What can push a person to sell an implant? How can he know its value?

The reasons that lead owners to sell are the most diverse, often due to the need for liquidity or the impossibility of managing the plant. If you are unable to assign a value to your system, Milk the Sun goes to meet the customer by offering a free tool that can provide an objective assessment of the value of the photovoltaic system for a specific period, in which, for example, the sale is estimated. Once the data of a specific photovoltaic system has been entered, the calculator guarantees accurate and reliable results based on criteria such as the amount of management costs, the cost of the surface, the performance of the system, the repayment of the loan, etc.

Milk the sun, does it offer other services? What and with what advantages over competitors?

Milk the Sun offers a wide range of services with partner companies specializing in photovoltaics, which allow you to obtain the maximum return on investment. Technical and legal due diligence services, washing of panels, advice on a refinancing and others. The advantage of Milk the Sun is definitely on the price and conditions of the service: we want our customers to get a good product at a fair price.

What is the most requested service? Why do you think?

The washing! Because it is necessary for the good functioning of the system and to be carried out regularly, Milk the Sun also works with trusted partners.

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