The mysterious mass death of starfish and crabs

The mysterious mass death of starfish and crabs

Thousands of crabs and starfish were found dead on a beach in the south of the United Kingdom, because of the cold wave that the British Isles suffered weeks ago.Other animal species such as hedgehogs, clams, anemones and various types of crustaceans were also found.

Scientists reported that the current carried them to Ramsgate Beach. They have appeared at low tide. The cause: the freezing temperatures left by ‘The Beast from the East’ and the storm ‘Emma’.

The issue exploded the international media after local residents uploaded photos to social networks.

“I manage to get the twins out of bed early to catch the low tide and see this starfish show. Hundreds of thousands of starfish, sea urchins, crabs, seaweed and fish, killed and carried away by the ‘beast from the east’. We saved a few crabs, but most of them were dead. A sad look, but incredible, ”Lara Maiklem posted on the London Mudkark Facebook wall.

The British Marine Conservation Society said it appears to be a combination of extreme cold and the depth to which storm waves penetrated.

We can then conclude that death is due to climate change and the changes it causes in the global climate.

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