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Eating Yamani rice to improve health

Eating Yamani rice to improve health

Yamani rice is a variety of brown rice native to Japan. It grows in temperate and cold climates, and is characterized by being short, resistant and golden in color.

When tasted, cooked yamani rice has a smooth texture, with a certain sweet flavor (reminiscent of walnut).

Properties of yamaní rice

  • It is the preferred cereal of those who practice macrobiotic nutrition due to its balanced pH and its excellent organic acceptance.
  • It is a good source of B vitamins, beneficial for the nervous system, and essential in the process of digestion and metabolism of carbohydrates provided by the grain.
  • Its fiber content promotes intestinal health and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • It is hypotensive, being indicated for people with heart and kidney problems.
  • It does not contain gluten and is hypoallergenic. Its consumption favors patients with chronic diseases and certain types of cancer.
  • Its germ contains phytin (phytic acid) that helps expel poisons from the body.
  • It is one of the cereals best tolerated by the liver. The type of starch it contains is easily and quickly digested.

Yamani is darker than refined rice because it retains some of the bran from the husk. It should be noted that the less red or green beans it has, the better its quality.

Preservation and preparation of Yamaní rice

Store it in an airtight jar, in a dry and dark place. It will keep for months.

Cooking: Place two cups of yamaní rice, four to five cups of water and a teaspoon of salt in a pot. Bring to the fire and when it starts to boil, cover the pot and lower the heat to a minimum. After about twenty minutes, when the water has been consumed and the grain is almost dry, turn off the heat and stir with a wooden spoon.

It can be used immediately, or stored in the refrigerator (in a glass jar with a lid) and consumed later, between meals.

Creamy and fleeting risotto with yamani rice

We don't always have time to make a traditional risotto, but we don't have to sacrifice good creamy and succulent rice for that! In this case we are going to use a Zucchinis dressing to give it the cosmic creaminess.


(For 2 servings)

  • 1 and a half cups of Yamaní rice
  • 1 onion
  • 2 branches Celery
  • 1 Zucchini
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 garlic
  • Fresh ginger
  • Sea salt
  • Olive oil

Step by Step:

1) Cut the onion and celery very small and sauté them in a saucepan with olive oil. We add a little sea salt to make it sweat.

2) When it is transparent, add the rice, stir for a few minutes and add the necessary water to cover the rice. It is important that there is not too much water, but rather about 2cm above the rice. We lower the heat and cook for half an hour with the lid on. If the water is consumed very quickly we lower the fire more.

3) When it is ready, season with turmeric and ground chili and strain the liquid (if we have nothing left, you can skip this step).

4) Add the zuchinni cream, cold and raw if we want it without cooking, or you can mix and cook a little more and serve the whole preparation hot.

For the zucchini dressing

Blend the Zucchini (previously we cut it into slices, sprinkle it with sea salt and let it rest for 20 minutes before rinsing it), a fresh ginger cube, 1 raw small garlic, sea salt, juice of half a lemon and olive oil .

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