Capitalism and the exploitation of women

Capitalism and the exploitation of women

With great pedagogical capacity, Alejandra Ciriza takes elements of history, brings them to the present and projects what is to come, convinced of her feminist and Marxist positions, she shares, with an audience composed mainly of young women, all her knowledge and starts applause and reflections.

At the end of the training cycle "Capital Strategies and Construction of Alternatives" promoted by BASE-IS for the year 2018. Ciriza addresses feminism as one of the emancipatory alternatives to current capitalism.

The philosopher assures that the feminist movement in Latin America has been doing a great job and explains that the explosion of this movement in recent years is related to the accelerated process of decomposition of the current capitalist relations “that more ferociously injure the rights of women, of racialized people. I believe that capitalism overestimates the exploitation and extortion of feminized and racialized people, so the response that feminists give in the field of politics has to do with that, ”says Alejandra.

When delving into her analysis, Ciriza adds that capitalism in its current stage increasingly expels people out of the labor market, this situation affects women in a particular way, which also has repercussions on an increasing response from the social movement that binds them together. "As women are the ones who are particularly affected by the transformations in capitalism and in the field of politics, we are the ones who give the answer and who have been able to transmit in a stronger way that message of resistance and rebellion," concludes Alejandra.

Alejandra takes the time to talk to the younger girls, makes jokes, tells stories, keeps the audience expectant while providing an extremely acute analysis of the relations between capitalism and patriarchy, as well as her vision of the link between the Marxism and feminism. "I believe that there can be no feminism without ending capitalism" a declaration of principles by Alejandra that reviews the work of great revolutionary women who contributed to the construction of a feminism contrary to the liberal logic that equality between men and women could occur within the framework of capitalist relations, “if we achieve equality in capitalism, that equality will only be for upper-class women. For feminism that I profess, rights and freedoms are for everyone, if not they remain privileges ”, she says clearly.

Optimist of the will, Ciriza sees feminism as an emancipatory force "I trust that feminists are giving that message of criticism of this hegemonic model that makes us sick", she points out when referring to the advance of the agribusiness model and highlights that feminists is that of resistance to agribusiness. "They are in the first line of fire, they are the ones who are fumigated, they are the ones who encounter pesticides every day," he points out; She highlights that for this reason it is not by chance that the resistance is headed by peasant women and adds that the rebellion of these women is born from the awareness of what is happening.

Source: Base - IS

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