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Tips to maintain your mental health in a polluted world

Tips to maintain your mental health in a polluted world

In the midst of the stress of everyday life, it is difficult to maintain a healthy mind, the pressures are too great, there are economic, social, and even family pressures. This is why it is often better to practice certain mental exercises to avoid these health problems in the long term.

Write positive lists

It is very important to always stay positive despite what may be ailing us. Many times we are our worst enemy, we predispose ourselves with a bad attitude to what the day has in store for us. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a list of positive ideas somewhere that we can see at any time, be it on our computer, on the refrigerator, or carry it in our purse or purse. What's more, every time something positive happens to you, write it down on the list, so when you feel bad you can review your list.

Set long-term goals

The stress of the city can jeopardize the motivation to keep going every day, to prevent this from taking over the best moments it is advisable to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. Getting up every day and getting into an endless line of cars, or taking the collective transport that looks more like a container of human beings makes it very easy to lose perspective. Also write down what your goals are and make that your motivation.

Get into activities that require strategy

It is also very easy to always accustom the brain to the same thing, but this is not convenient since it needs to be stimulated and kept active. Nor does it have to be a tedious task like going to the gym to lift some pieces of iron or running like a hamster inside a wheel.

This should be as playful as possible and should be taken as a hobby, a good example is sports betting, which combines a taste for sports with strategy as can be seen at / sports-betting / strategies, where they give you tips to manage your bankroll and to know how to bet on sports such as soccer, tennis, and basketball, depending on which one is your favorite.

Almost anything is a reason for us to close the world in this current world, and it is crazy. It can be a storm that ruined our day, a bad experience at work, or a fight with a partner. Any situation can throw us off balance and should not go to these extremes. Of course it is said easy but in reality it is not that simple, what we can advise is to take time to meditate, escape from the physical world and relax, which is liberating.

This meditation does not have to take place in one-hour sessions or in any particular place, it is enough to give yourself a few minutes after arriving at work, or also before going to sleep after a hard day. In fact, there are applications like Aura or Intimind that you can download. Something different works for everyone, discover what works for you and apply yourself.

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