DIY growbox: how to make it?

DIY growbox: how to make it?

Build one DIY growbox it is an interest of many people who would like to create a real mini greenhouse in their apartment. But how to do it? Do you need raw materials and skills that are beyond the reach of most people or, after all, is it something we can all grapple with?

What is needed

Let's start with materials which, obviously, will depend on the size you want to apply in the growbox. To begin with small dimensions, you can opt for a box of about 80 centimeters in height, 50 in width and depth, which will allow you to accommodate plants that can reach a maximum height of about 60 centimeters. Of course, if you want to build an even bigger grow box, you will need to proportion the materials for that purpose.

In addition to that, get:

  • plywood panels;
  • 2 cooling fans;
  • 1 thermostat and speed regulator;
  • 2 hinges;
  • wood screws;
  • aluminum foil;
  • electric cables;
  • electric socket;
  • light switch.

Done? At this point, we need to get to the heart of our operation!

Building the growbox

The first thing to do is obviously to frame the container to use as a growbox with the coating, reinforcing the corners in such a way as to give the right stability. Then add the holes needed to install the ventilation system and the electricity cables. Once this is done, apply the aluminum sheets on the inside, so that it can contain the heat, reflect the light, and seal the inside of the box from moisture.

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Then take care of the part related to ventilation. Considering the small size and needs, it will be sufficient to buy a common kit with two fans and a thermostat that can be programmed to switch on and off at predetermined temperatures in any home improvement store. If necessary, adapt the holes to the new fans, so that the second hole is on the opposite side in the upper front part of the box, so that it can serve as an exhaust for hot air.

Let's talk about the partelectric". To install the fans, make sure that the suction fan on the bottom is facing inwards, thus allowing it to suck in the outside air and push it into the box. The exhaust fan should be facing outwards to extract the air from the box. Install the light switch and the junction box and power supply. Finally, prepare the outlet, with a socket for the thermostat and an additional socket for a secondary light or other.

We do not provide to that effect specific advice, to avoid getting confused with just textual repetitions: instead we recommend that you take a look at YouTube, where you find very in-depth practical tutorials for these tasks.

Finally, the time has come to install the temperature probe: with the thermostat that you can buy on the market you will also find a small probe connected to it, whose position must be adjusted in the growbox.

For the lights, make a small hole in the front of the box to allow the power supply, and so that the lights can come out at the highest point so that you can adjust them up and down accordingly, according to your needs. Just use screws to tie the power supply and thus adjust the height of the lights. Still on the subject of lighting, we remind you that LED lights are a little more expensive, but they are worth the price you will pay.

Once this obstacle has been overcome, all you have to do is program the thermostat And that's it!

What plants to choose

Of course, you will have to populate your growbox with the right plants. The system seems to work better with the insertion of plants at least partially already developed, but nothing prevents you from being able to intervene even in the primordial phase, when you need to grow sprouts.

For each plant you will obviously have to adjust temperatures and lighting accordingly, and to this end we recommend that you read the instructions you will find from your trusted gardener or, if you want to buy plants online, on the seller's website.

And if you think you are having difficulty in creating the growbox, because the information we have reported has not been too exhaustive, our suggestion can only be to check the tutorials that you find in abundance on YouTube. You will discover that there is a real army of people who are passionate about this kind of “green” bricolage, and that you can become a great expert!

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