How to keep order in the house: tips and tricks

How to keep order in the house: tips and tricks

The methods and books dedicated to them are very popular, however tidying up the house but, I don't know about you, the hardest thing is learning how to keep order in the house. I fail often and have found that there are a number of tricks for not finding yourself once every week or two and having to do "Tabula Rasa" in your home to fix everything. Sometimes it takes nearly a full day to repair a ruinous situation in which we have not been able to control ourselves and have let our home environment deteriorate. If you keep these suggestions well in mind, at least some of them will be stupid in not finding yourself having to spend a day cleaning up everything, submerged in your own disorder.

In one thing we cannot help you, in willpower and regularity. For regularity, I often point to repeated alarms or set reminders on the phone so that I can't forget to do my little daily gestures of order. It will seem strange at first but it will help you.

It is also a good training for ourselves, to find out how much we are able to hold on and maintain discipline. Initially it will be difficult but then it will become natural, also because these are not strange gestures but good habits that we may already have. And then we are well under way.

Let's see how to move to keep order. Let's see a list of gestures that will help us, we can choose even just a few, to see how it goes. They are trivial, I state, but they work precisely for this reason, because they must become completely part of the routine.

  • We use baskets. No, not the garbage ones, or at least even those, but in this case I am referring to the containers. Often the disorder arises from the scattering of objects that have small dimensions and that have no real place. They wander and create chaos. Let's get a lot of baskets and keep them in each room, trying to group the objects with a criterion and gather them there. Today you can find various types of them, they are also objects of great design that can therefore be an interesting piece of furniture, as well as useful.
  • Similarly we can remember use binders.i This advice is especially valuable when you work with paper. Paper and books are perhaps the biggest cause of clutter in my life, and binders can be a huge help. There can be various documents, bills, any paper that, if left lying around, can be lost or create disorder. Also in this case, looking around we can find some interesting proposals.
  • Chain and consequently, we must make free space. If we follow the advice previously inserted, we have certainly already freed up some space but the best thing would be to do some decluttering. This means freeing ourselves from a lot of objects that we no longer need by giving them to charity or taking them to reuse centers. Decluttering can be done all in one fell swoop but then we must remember the perspective of non-accumulation.
  • If the previous gestures concern more than anything else a setting, of the house and of our head, what follows can easily be reminder subject. Every evening we put our clothes in order. It is true that you are tired and have no desire at all to put yourself in order but it is really a trivial gesture. Instead of placing them on the first chair that happens, or on the bed, we can get used to folding the few items we have worn by putting them in the closets. This trivially avoids us to accumulate towers of enormous clothes. And then the clothes put in order on a regular basis are less damaged and we are forced not to wash them at every turn, just because they have been around.
  • If the clothes can be put away in the evening, in the morning we have another thing to do. We can make the bed. It may seem like a useless thing, to continue day after day to make and undo the bed, but it is an important step both for our hygiene and to go to bed in the evening not in a tangle of blankets and sheets.
  • Always in the morning we can also to empty the dishwasher. It takes ten minutes and it's done but in the evening it's a psychologically heavy job to do. In the morning, however, we can do this quickly, before going out, and make sure the kitchen is tidy throughout the day.
  • You decide to do the laundry always on the same day. It is useful for managing the number of washes we do and what we have and put on.
  • Don't procrastinate. It is a classic and is most likely one of the reasons why we are here to evaluate these tricks. In order not to delay it is important to have imagination and understand how it will come to live with a very messy life.
  • Don't procrastinate also applies for cleaning that we must do from time to time and not postpone everything to the weekend. Dirt, when it stays for days, is often more difficult to get rid of, so this rhythm is also useful to avoid sweating at all.
  • In the cleaning round that we are planning in our day, we also fix that of the kitchen: dishes, pots, worktops ... Let's clean them right away and don't let us spend a night, by the evening.

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