American Wirehair: characteristics and origin

American Wirehair: characteristics and origin

Obviously this breed of cats, theAmerican Wirehair, comes from overseas and in Italy it is not particularly widespread, it can be safely said that it is known to those who attend cat shows and to those who are particularly fond of cats. It has its peculiarities and deserves to be better known, let's find out together what makes it special and who knows that in a few years it will become fashionable and depopulated even in our parts. Better to carry on, right?

American Wirehair: characteristics

The hair is one of the first characteristics that you notice when meeting this cat and it is also the one that most remains in mind because it is different from other breeds. It's a short and coarse coat, and also curly but that in the chest area is softer and similarly behaves also on the belly. The peculiarity, which is noticeable even without stroking it, is the fact that each hair it is curly or curved. It is important that this happens and those who attend cat shows heal well, because the coat is one of the most observed aspects and that counts most in the overall evaluation of the different specimens that compete.

Despite having a rather heavy bone structure, this cat has an average size in general and can keep some harmonious proportions. It has a good muscular structure, it is not a particularly thin cat but it cannot be said that it is a squat animal either. Its limbs, both the upper and the lower ones, are on average long and robust, turned. They end with small paws, especially so they appear also because they have a rounded tip. There tail is quite long, in continuity with the proportions of the body, and also in this case there is nothing pointed because it ends softly.

The head connects with the body in a natural way, has a medium size and a round shape. The cheekbones stand out high, but do not harden the general expression of this feline which remains friendly also thanks to the curved nose and delicate lines. THE mustache is twisted, interesting detail that many do not notice at first glance. The eyes are round and stand out in the muzzle of theAmerican Wirehair, are medium to large and sometimes hypnotic.

American Wirehair: origins

L'American Wirehair is the result of a genetic mutation that appeared and recorded for the first time in the United States, in the city of Verona, located in New York state. A kitten born in 1966, with red and white fur, was particularly rough. There is someone who has not let it go and has decided to deepen this originality, crossing this kitten with one of the sisters. The litter of the couple showed the presence of some puppies with the same coarse hair of the father, two among all. As this was no longer a coincidence, a selection program was started in order to achieve a stabilization of the mutation.

In the various crossings, specimens of American short-haired to get to the breed American Wirehair as we know it now, made official in 1978. It is not very recent but it is still very rare to meet outside the country that gave birth to it and is considered one of the cat breeds with out-of-the-ordinary coats.

American Wirehair: how to cure it

Even if the hair is the most precious and unique feature, the one that makes this cat unique and recognizable, it does not require much care. The masters of a American Wirehair they must therefore only give the coat a brush every now and then, at least once a week, with a bristle brush and a wide-toothed comb to avoid tearing the precious coarse hair. A delicate moment may be that of the wetsuit in which it is better to replace the brush indicated with one with rubber teeth, always keeping the pace of one brushing per week as a minimum, with the utmost care not to damage the “new” hair.

American Wirehair: colors

Rare, yes, but when we meet a American Wirehair we can expect it to all possible colors. Of course, we mean the natural colors that a cat can take therefore all except for example lilac, chocolate, fawn and cinnamon. The color of the eyes is just as imaginative and usually matches perfectly with that of the coat, as only Mother Nature can do.

American Wirehair: character

Ready to live with both other cats and dogs, and even with children, the American Wirehair they demonstrate animals with a good and patient character. Don't be fooled though, because they are certainly not calm and silent cats. They are playful and very active, they love to play and climb. This means that they love to be outdoors and if we keep them at home they can only adapt if they have their own playground - therefore an ad hoc structure for climbing - so that they can let off steam. Intelligent and affectionate, the American Wirehair they gladly take advantage of the home environment to fill up on pampering.

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