Wooden houses: uses and advantages

Wooden houses: uses and advantages

The wooden houses they are an increasingly requested solution to satisfy the desire to have a pleasant and comfortable place to stay overnight and to spend your time away from the cities, in places surrounded by nature. In this article I will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate the characteristics and advantages of a wooden house.

What is a wooden house

A wooden house, more frequently defined as "wooden cottage"Due to its small size, it is a prefabricated wooden structure that can be" ready for use "in a few hours and can be positioned on any stable and flat ground.

How can a wooden house be used

The uses of a wooden house they can be many: they are an ideal place to receive friends, relax, work, rest or sleep.

In the case of insulated wooden houses they can also become a place to live for long periods or permanently.

An insulated wooden house is characterized by thermal insulation that allows you to retain heat inside the house in winter and in the same way to keep the rooms cool in summer.

Insulated surfaces can be roofs, floors and walls.

Insulation is a fundamental requirement for obtaining the habitability certificate.

Advantages of a log cabin

THE advantages of a log cabin are many but the most relevant are certainly the low price and the speed in which it becomes available.

In addition, a log cabin can be taken apart and re-assembled in another place.

Dimensions of a wooden house

The size of a log cabin they are extremely variable.

There are very small wooden houses, suitable for example to be used for storing bikes, skis, games or tools measuring 3 meters by 3 meters.

Small wooden house

Medium-sized wooden houses 4 × 3, 5 × 4 (one room) or 6 × 6 m2 (two rooms) suitable for desks, tables.

A medium-large sized house, 66 sqm. + portico, like the Altura model produced by Pineca that you see below as well as in the opening photo of this article.

Large insulated wooden houses, even over 100 square meters, with two floors and a porch like the one in the photo below, the Holland model, produced by Pineca: definitely spectacular!

Large wooden house

Where to buy a wooden house

There are several manufacturers of wooden houses but a much smaller number that offers quality products and maximum guarantee and assistance on assembly and quality of materials.

Among the market leaders I point out , an all-Italian reality but with many customers especially in Northern Europe, where wooden houses and houses have been in great demand for years.

On the official website you can see many models of wooden houses, with detailed cards, photos and 3D visits, as well as videos shot in the houses actually sold to some customers. has been producing wooden houses since 1993 and therefore has over 25 years of experience.

Wooden houses from certified forests

Another important criterion for choosing the manufacturer of a wooden house is related to the certification of the origin of the wood. For example, offers exclusively certified wooden houses so as to ensure that the forests are used in a sustainable way respecting the rhythms of regrowth.

How to assemble a wooden house

Assembling a wooden house is quite simple, as long as you choose a manufacturer that supplies the components in separate and easily identifiable packages but above all with clear and precise instructions.

In this video also made by for example, you can see all the stages of assembling a wooden house.

Prices of a wooden house

THE prices they vary in relation to size and type: they range from about 1,000 Euros for small wooden houses up to over 30,000 Euros for very large and two-storey “dream” wooden houses.

Video: Minecraft: How To Build a Large Oak Wood Survival Starter House (November 2021).